Black Oasis

by Errático

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Grabado, mezclado y masterizado en Binary Emotions Records entre Agosto y Noviembre de 2016.

Publicado el 23 de Enero de 2017.

Productor: Xavier Nadal

Todas las canciones escritas por Joan Delapse.
Todas las baterías compuestas por Neil Hate.

Copyright 2017 Binary Emotions Records.


released January 23, 2017

“Black Oasis, un disco hecho para fans del grunge clásico, acérrimos de Nirvana y fieles de los primeros Pixies, los que se revolcaban por el barro gritando como maníacos." (Binaural, 2017)

"Su sonido se sustenta sobre un clímax de guitarras en tensión, aguardando el momento perfecto de ruptura y mayor intensidad e
incidiendo más que nunca en un apartado caótico donde la crudeza y el alivio se van dando la mano." (Mindies, 2017)



all rights reserved


Errático Barcelona, Spain

Después de publicar su primer EP Save The Savage y presentarlo en festivales como el Primavera Sound, Errático estrena su primer LP “Black Oasis”en Enero 2017 con Binary Emotions Records. Trece canciones donde prima el dinamismo “loud-quiet-loud” tan utilizado en la década de los 90 y en las que se pasa de versos un tanto oscuros o melodramáticos a estribillos pop sin más pretensión que divertir. ... more

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Track Name: I was diving
I was diving, through a lot of shit
I was diving, please let it be

Once we were one
Once we were females

I don't want to sing what I need it but
I have to try first
I want to be your dog

I was diving first, through a lot of shit
I was dying slow, I was dying first
I was diving, I was dying
Track Name: Our big revival
All his glory is coming
He's wasting his reality

Beyond this point he's not safe
Breathing a new atmosphere
Asking for be clear

He was born a long long time
a long long time ago

She was gone into a
gone into a mystic hole

Is not working for me
I will try to cut me and I bleed

Call of bliss is a joke
and I try to make it three times
Track Name: Bliss
A terrible crime resides in her glance
"Mother I would like to live"
"My sixteen square meters aren't
even enough to hate you"
"My four per four steps are resolving
my doubts again"

I smoke the same cigar...
I smoke the same cigarette

Too many times
How much it's left?

She likes shining and wearing a blue dress
Looking outside thinking of a boyfriend
After midnight
Others decide too fast

How to look, how to look, how to look (x13)

How to look through her point of view

Too many times
How much it's left?
Track Name: Easily (new mix)
Easily destroy anything that he touch
He works in a place without light, without hope
Easily destroy anything that he want
He has troubles to council his worst acts

Now he want something stable
A durable feeling
But pretend to kill himself

He's walking in a line that divide his way to act
and his way to think about
The question is indeed
How to be another sheep or another rich

No one gonna see when he lie
It isn't an extraordinary thing
No one gonna say he missed his time

Easily destroy anything
Track Name: Blues one
The disaster is knocking on my door
He really want to catch me alive

Did you know this place
In which all is beautiful

Like one morning standing in the sun

One more history someone hate
In every shadow
Step by step
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I can't remember my old home
Called chilhood
Where the trees was born
Healthy and strong

When their leaves are falling down
To the coldest underground
I grew up too soon
Track Name: Oh, Johnny
Johnny see and Johnny say
Wake up please, oh wake up me

He didn't got time to confess
All his sins

Cause all was gone
All was gone
It was gone, gone Johhny, gone

An old piano that seems his blood
A well-known asian turn in love

Your public image...
They adore you

Crucified sunrise that
Belong to you, Johnny
Track Name: Madness (new mix)
He looks like an obsessed
I found these open door to his madness
Bloody paints on the saloon wall
I'm not scared, I don't think all is so wrong

Let them take your body & your head
When I kiss your lips

You're dead
Buried under hundred lies
Can't rememeber those three men
Dressed all in black, with the sunglasses & his three hats
Track Name: Riverside
This is about four little pixies in my head
screaming gold.
Ten thousand nights sleeping out of my bed
are not enough.

They said go to the river
swim, nude.

Who are talking to me to take the right way,
Who are talking to me to take this easy path.
Track Name: Blame me
Trapped by my own decision
Corrupted by two or more of them
I'm training my bane to hurt

Fire, he's on fire
Fire to breath
Twenty four hour per day

Cut all the ropes
Move away until your forces are off
Would you feel?
Reaction matters

Shake them
The shame is glory
She's here to bump your ass
Cover your eyes to breath
Jesus claim his reward

Cut all the ropes
Move away until your forces are off
Would you feel?
Reaction matters
Track Name: The promised land
It sound like desperate people in a hole
They're looking for a guiding light

To save their soul
But they don't know
Nothing at all

This is not another stupid song (x4)

Despair is our best power
Did you see

So why don't use it against them
Not for kill
Not for save them
But to become in friends

This is not another stupid song (x4)
Track Name: My old self
Can you fake that feeling
You felt for me?

Or resolve whatever you want
with my old me

Don't you remember your best end?
Spread the Devil's word
Spread again

Bullshit of broken world
He design all really fast

Top species with a short time
a short time to life
Track Name: Ugly face (new mix)
There's an abyss in me
My stomach is sick
Full of blueberry milk
I want to travel inside
See what's going on
With the honey I eat
About to days before

Honey burn...
You've got trained
Save your solitude

Close the story
Is over
No more glory
Show your ugly face
Track Name: Teen Slaves
I just want to disappear
Old-fashioned I think

Old sunny days
That I used to steel
From your memories

The rain can draw you a smile
Repeat, release, re-birth

Oh nothing is enough
Because you blame them

Is universal think in all about
A "rated-r" smile

Muse is hidding over there
Muse is hidding behind...